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Should I Choose Air Fryer or a Deep Fryer?


So, do you want oil in your food or not? 

Cooking food with a deep fryer implies putting a lot of oil in your dishes. Sometimes you may end up pouring up to five quarts in it, which way too much if you are on your path to healthier eating.

If you plan to make thanksgiving dinner in a deep fryer, expect to add five to size gallons of oil easily.  You should also remember that that all that oil will need to be disposed of, and simply dumping it into your toilet may not be the way to go depending on your local county laws.

On the other hand, air fryer provides for an opportunity to use much less oil in preparation of your meal. Sometimes only a spoon of oil is enough to cook a large family dinner.

And while deep-fried turkey may taste juicier than its air fried companion, it will also contain much more fat. Want to reduce fat contents, switch to an air fryer! 


Which one is easier to clean?

Since we’re not using any oil, air fryers are much simpler to clean! They come with dishwasher safe parts and you can hand wash them easily too.

Deep fat fryers on the other hand are a hassle. Oil gets sprayed all over the place, on the kitchen counter, on the walls and on your dog. You are likely to spend 75 percent more time cleaning this mess that if you cooked with an air fryer. 

Which one is safer?

Air fryers earn many rewards in kitchen appliance safety ratings. Covered with lid, no oil gets spilled around. You don’t have to hover over the machine while it’s cooking your meal. They come with automatic switch off mechanism. Air frying practically never burns your food.


Deep dryers on the other hand are super dangerous to inexperienced users. You have to stand there and watch the food boil in grease, all the while risking getting your body burned by the hot oil. Your food can also burn, and then all your efforts will have gone in vein.

Deep fryers come with literally zero functions besides frying food. At the same time, air fryers provide for an array of opportunities in cooking your favorite foods. It is up to you on haw far you dare take it.

Which one tastes better?

Obviously, air fried foods are less juicy, and drier. But well, sometimes you need to sacrifice smaller things in order to get bigger benefits. I am talking about your health here. Air frying produces much healthier results and many people have been able to shed some serious weight simply by switching cooking methods.